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Tips For Sellers

Are you ready to sell your Barbados home? Typically, the home selling process starts months before the property goes up for sale. It is at this stage that it is necessary to look at your home through the eyes of a prospective buyer and determine what needs to be cleared, painted, repaired, replaced, sold or simply "tossed out". Remember, you may be selling your home but it will be someone else's "dream" home. This is the time to consider having a "garage sale" in order to get rid of some of the clutter and junk. Many of the suggestions outlined in the following tips can be achieved at very little cost and is well worth the extra effort for the dividends it can pay.

Here are some useful tips to consider when selling your home:

  1. External appeal – First impressions matter. Most buyers will drive by your home and judge it by its external appearance. Unless you are selling it as a tear-down for land value, it is very important to pay attention to its exterior.  If necessary, paint or touch-up the exterior and carry out any necessary and obvious repairs. Buyers can be turned off by visibly needed repairs and landscaping.


    1. Landscaping – Spruce up the landscaping. It is relatively inexpensive and can make a big difference to the external appearance of the home. Tidy your yard. Cut the grass and edges, rake or sweep up the leaves, trim the bushes and trees, remove fallen branches and any ugly bits and pieces of trash lying around. Put a pot or two of flowering plants near the entryway.


    1.  Remove the clutter – Clutter collects in every home over time. It can be very distractive to potential buyers. It collects on shelves, countertops, drawers, cupboards, garages, basements etc. Remove, store away, dispose or sell as much as possible so it is out of sight of viewers.


    1.  Housekeeping – Keep your home in a clean and tidy condition at all times so that it shows well and gives a good impression. This is important not only to the buyer but to you, the home owner. You certainly would not like viewers to go away with a negative impression of not only your home but of you since they may also see it as a reflection of you.


    1.  Living-room, family-room and dining-room
      Ensure newspapers, magazines and books are neatly stacked and no bits of paper are lying on the floor and that no dirty glasses, cups and plates are hanging around.


    1.  Kitchen
      The countertops and sink should be clean and free of pots and pans, dishes, plates, glasses, cutlery, left back food etc. Ensure the countertop appliances, dish-rack, ornaments are in place. Clean the stove and refrigerator and empty the garbage container.


    1.  Bedrooms
      Wake up your bedrooms. Pull the drapes and keep them bright. The beds should be nicely made up with bedspreads and pillows in place. Remove unnecessary clutter from dresser tops and store away clothing, shoes, linen, toys etc.


    1.  Bathrooms
      Bathrooms sell homes. Make them sparkle. Clean stained sinks, bowls and tubs. Make sure tooth brushes, cosmetics, toiletries are removed from the counter tops and place them in drawers or cabinets and that there are no bits of clothing including under garments hanging around. The toilets, showers/tubs, countertops and mirrors should be spotless. It would be an added nice touch to give the bathroom a pleasant and mild fragrance.


    1.  Garage/Carport, Basement
      Remove the clutter. If you cannot get rid of it all, store it away neatly in boxes or containers so that it will not be noticed.


    1.  Let there be light – Open up all windows, curtains, draperies and doors in order to bring in light and air. This gives the rooms a nice and airy feel. If you have a nice view, it could also give you the opportunity to show it off. You may also wish to turn on some lights. This can also serve to beautify the home.


    1.  Plumbing and fixtures – Make sure all faucets, toilets and light fixtures are in good working order and there are no dripping taps and that the water pressure is good.


    1.  Pet control – If you have dogs, make sure they are securely locked away in a kennel or are safely restrained by a leash and are out of reach of viewers.


    1.  Try not to be at home – If possible, it is best for the home owner not to be at home at the time of viewing. Prospective buyers feel more comfortable and do not feel like intruders. In addition, It will avoid any direct communication between the home owner and the potential buyer which can sometimes cause unnecessary problems. Your Agent is there to represent your best interest and will consult you should there be any questions or concerns the client may have which are not readily available. If for any reason you must be at home, try to remain in an out-of-the way area of the home and do not move from room to room with the prospective buyer and your Agent. Do not volunteer any information but answer any questions your Agent may ask.


    1.  Make your home available for viewing – Making your home available for viewing by prospective buyers is a key to profitability. It is important you cooperate with your Agent and try to make your home available for viewing as much as possible, within reasonable notice. By so doing, you optimize your chance for a potential sale.


    1.  Consider suggestions by your Agent – Should your Real Estate Agent make suggestions to help you improve the appearance and marketability of your home, you should not take it as personal. Your professional Real Estate Agent has the experience and knowledge of what it takes to help you sell your home faster and at a better price. There are many things that you may overlook or may not have thought of that your Agent may wish to suggest to you.


    1.  Pricing your home – It is critical that you do not over-price your home. An over-priced home can sit on the market for a long time and become stale and loose much of its appeal which may be difficult to regain. Chances are that when it eventually sells, it will go for a much lesser price. On the other hand, ask too little and you could be leaving money on the table. During the first few weeks of your home being on the market, you will have the highest interest in your home. If it is priced correctly, you will have the opportunity to get the best and most offers. Price your home based on recent comparable sales in your area as well as homes currently on the market.


    1.  Remodelling - Do not undertake any major remodelling in preparation for sale. Tastes vary and some people may dislike the results of you efforts. In addition, you may have to raise your selling price to reflect the cost of your improvements. This could be money badly spent which you may not recover when the home is finally sold.


    1.  Electric supply – Be mindful if disconnecting your electric service for more than a six-month period.  If you do, your property will require an inspection by the Government Electrical Services Department in order to get a certificate before the electric supply can be reconnected by The Barbados Light & Power Company Ltd. This, at times, could result in the requirement to have the property rewired at some cost to you and which can impact negatively on a potential sale.


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