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Barbados Returning Nationals

Barbados welcomes Barbadian citizens returning to Barbados to resettle providing they qualify under the Returning Nationals Programme.

Returning Nationals are required to provide proof of their Barbadian Nationality as well as proof of residence overseas.

An affidavit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados must be completed by all Returning Nationals.

On satisfying the criteria relating to citizenship and residence overseas, Returning Nationals qualify for certain duty free concessions including vehicles, personal and household effects. However, certain conditions apply.

There are certain Restrictions and Requirements stipulated by the Barbados Customs Authorities pertaining to the importation and clearance of Personal Effects and Motor vehicles which persons should familiarize themselves with prior to the importation of any such items.

While The Barbados Port Authority’s policy is to waive excess storage charges on the personal and household effects and vehicles, Returning Nationals are encouraged to have their documents processed as quickly as possible to avoid any complications.

There is a wide array of housing options available to Barbados Returning Nationals to match all budgets. These include gated communities, retirement homes, bungalows, townhouses, condos, apartments, oceanfront homes and villas to mention a few.